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Vice President of Legal Affairs/Corporate General Counsel (VP/LA)

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This position consists of overseeing all corporate legal matters that arise, while providing services to our clients. The VP/LA will maintain a division representing directors in the following areas: Director of Legal Services, and Director of Property Management. Under his/her division will be staff personnel that will directly impact the outcomes requested by clients.

He/She will set standard operating procedures within the larger corporate structure to engage client concerns and resistance from compliance of outside entities that have failed to grant the necessary rights of those seeking closure to long enduring situations.

A general counsel is the senior attorney of a legal department within a corporate, nonprofit or government office. The professional brings years of experience and knowledge to the position and oversees a number of other lawyers and associate general counsels who are responsible for providing legal advice and counsel for specific areas of business or government. In a corporate/nonprofit setting. The general counsel reports periodically to the chief executive officer and sometimes to the board of directors as well.

Job Responsibilities:

A general counsel is also seen as a business partner of the organization.

The general counsel has one primary objective of her role: to ensure the company is operating within the law at all times. To do this, she must be aware of all transactions the company is engaged in including those that may be in only the preliminary stages. This will ensure limited risk exposure to the bottom line, personnel and the company's public image.


  • The qualified candidate must have a great deal of integrity.
  • The qualified candidate must have a great deal of integrity and business experience. He will encounter conflicts with senior managers who may feel the general counsel is interfering in business; therefore, a strong personality and the ability to be persuasive and relentless in reinforcing the best interests of the company is essential.
  • He should also be an effective communicator, particularly when it comes to discussing legal matters with other attorneys and paralegals.
  • He/She and staff will compile all records, documents, and assess the need of legal intervention. Under case managers that have given complete information as per the client/participant in question, he/she is to complete a formal report of the action taken, by indicating it in the client’s computerized file.
  • The individual in this position must have clear, concise, oral, and written communications above and beyond that of his contemporaries. The VP/LA will be expected to resolve current/previous legal matters by evaluating the records of that clients past history, conduct, criminal record, if any, and process for which he/she was accused.
  • He/She is expected to provide veterans within the organization discharge upgrades to soldiers present and past that have had undo hardships posed against their civilian work history, education, and various other levels of employment on the local, state, and federal services.
  • The Executive Vice President will evaluate the VP/LA for job correctness, case management, reversal of negative discharges, and possible lawsuit of entities failing to provide necessary documents to engage assisting clients, etc. This position will directly impact the course of this organization, by the overarching assistance provided to all veterans and their constituents.
  • The VP/LA shall make final determination on all cases concerning veterans with other than honorable (OTH) discharges, bad conduct discharges (BCD’s), honorable under general conditions and research all court marshaled soldiers requesting assistance. He/She and your staff will have cases brought to you to possibly defend through the civil courts system and/or military system.
  • This will be a provisional position and have wide latitude to decipher, assess, evaluate, and determine all the factual evidence presented on behalf of the soldier seeking resolve. The VP/LA will maintain protocol guidelines within the organization's mission to effectively reintegrate past/current soldiers in the mainstream of society without the barriers previously held against them.


JD degree and passed their State Bar Exam with 8-10+ years experience in military law, UCMJ, nonprofit management and corporate compliance desired. In addition, he/she must have professional legal experience in a business environment, including in a senior management capacity.


Please e-mail your resume to Dr. Works with the word "Resume" on the subject line and the position you are applying for. All positions are for current and former military veterans only.


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