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Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday | 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
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Employment Opportunities

The Veterans Development Initiatives, Inc., has several employment opportunities available to veterans who are retired, active, national guard and reserve members of all branches. There are positions in executive, senior, upper management and entry level openings for those that possess and meet the required qualifications.

Those seeking to work in any of the departments listed can do so by applying directly to the aforementioned e-mail address provided at the end of each job opening.

All applicants submitting their credentials and curriculum vitae for position vacancies must register online with the "Membership Enrollment" page indicated in the menu section of this web site as part of the prerequisite for consideration, to include their $10.00 membership enrollment fee. This is mandatory of all veteran and civilian candidates.

The VDI also provides job placement services to veterans and many others who meet the qualifications and mandates set forth here in this organization. We assist those locating employment outside of the VDI and who are not current and/or previous military veterans. This service is not only dedicated to veterans, but to the general public in which we so copiously seek to endeavor.

We have a listing of various corporations that have specified their hiring requirements and will not delineate from that responsibility. Please be advised that you must meet the protocols provided by each corporate entity based on your autonomous background and credentials. The VDI hires former and current military veterans ONLY.