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Vice President of External Affairs (VPEA)

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The Vice President of External Affairs (VPEA) creates and implements the agency’s fundraising plan, as well as the marketing and communication strategy. He/she will apply a diversified funding approach to fuse the unique requirements of VDI’s multi-faceted mission that covers a wide range of programmatic concentrations within the field of community and national resource development.

He/she will be responsible for initiating specified Capital Campaign Funding for various development projects that include, corporate, foundation, government, individual fundraising and management; he/she will work collectively with the VP of Real Estate Development.

He/she also raises money for a variety of VDI’s capital needs that include social and community awareness facilities and veteran/cultural arts centers around the country. He/she will also oversee the Director of Business & Housing (DBH) to further enhance the corporate mission.

He/she will report directly to the President & Chief Operations Officer as well as the Chairman, CEO & Founder and be assessed for clear, concise, oral and written capability to include working collectively with all executive and senior staff members of diverse backgrounds.

He/she will periodically report to the Board of Directors/Trustees with updates on investments, funding sources, cost analysis and assessment of the aforementioned.

In addition to fundraising, he/she will be responsible for elevating the profile of the corporation locally, regionally, nationally and internationally through a comprehensive public relations campaign that includes special projects, such as “eliminating veterans from homeless shelters” and various special events, such as the VDI’s annual fundraiser. He/she will collaborate with the Chief Development Officer (CDO) on evaluating fundraising options that are available to fit the scope of our corporate mission.

This is a provisional position in which he/she offers a wide array of visibility through dynamic leadership and professionalism as a proactive member of the executive staff.

The Vice-President for External Affairs is responsible for the supervision, development of goals and missions, administrative control and establishment of policies and operational procedures for the Division of Informational Systems/Services, Development and Institutional Advancement, Corporate Printing Services, VDI’s Press and Office of Special Services.

The VPEA also coordinates governmental relations for the organization, performs and directs numerous other duties related to public relations, community services, promotions, marketing, publicity and institutional development and advancement.

The External Affairs Vice-President works closely with department heads in each division of External Affairs in budget development and control, employment of all staff members and other personnel decisions, planning and coordination of all activities of those departments.

The Vice-President for External Affairs also works closely with the Chairman, CEO & Founder, President, CFO and other vice-presidents in development of the overall corporate budget.

The VPEA is also directly involved in activities of state, national and other organizations affiliated with the external affairs area of the corporation, including the Volunteer Governmental Affairs Committee of the organization.

He/she must have 10+ years in a senior or executive management position. Minimum BA/BS degree required. Advanced degree desired. Must have applicable experience of the aforementioned. Must have the ability to multitask and develop communicative rapports with local, state, federal and political constituents collectively.


Please e-mail your resume to Dr. Works with the word "Resume" on the subject line and the position you are applying for. All positions are for current and former military veterans only.


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