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Vice President, Real Estate Development (VP/RED)

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The VP/RED will possess excellent skills in both the financial and real estate arenas to plan, structure, negotiate, and provide oversight for VDI’s numerous and innovative real estate development projects and transactions, including the development of commercial space, rental housing, condominiums, educational facilities, and brownstone rehabilitation.

The position will report to the President and Chief Operations Officer to include the Chairman, CEO & Founder on an as needed basis for periodic updates and structuring being initiated. He or she must have clear concise, written and oral communication to all executive and senior leadership including periodic briefings to the Board of Directors/Trustees.

He/she will be the key strategist in landmark transactions that exemplify the organization’s mission and vision in collaboration with various local, state and federal entities in executing such development. As a member of VDI’s executive team, he/she will maintain active participation in the strategic, operational, organizational, and business planning to ensure programmatic implementation of comprehensive aspects of the organization’s mission.

This is a provisional position that will be assessed of one’s competence, written guidance, ability to multitask, presentational ability that works well with diverse executive, senior and middle management staff of the organization. He/she must have the business savvy of building collective rapports/working relationships with government, private and corporate entities that will best serve the needs of our population.

This role will provide the technical and legal expertise in compliance with various state standards to conduct and provide advice regarding all real estate activities such as title work survey easements and environmental issues and appraisal reviews; provide advice regarding site and route selection, purchase trade and/or sale of property interests; provide advice regarding state federal and/or environmental issues; conduct negotiations and monitor other potential areas that might present risk for each transaction and/or venture.

This role will also be responsible for developing, implementing and determining architectural design, asset management, and cost effectiveness of developmental projects. He/she will advise and brief the Chairman, CEO & Founder, President and the executive staff on new and current endeavors that meet the organization’s mission criteria as needed.


He/she must have a minimum of 10+ years in senior or executive management positions as well as an advanced degree (MBA, JD, MPA) financial management, asset management, real estate development with knowledge of commercial space, rental properties, housing complexes, and building rehabilitation, etc. Must have prior military service (veteran) and be a licensed real estate broker/real estate appraiser.


Please e-mail your resume to Dr. Works with the word "Resume" on the subject line and the position you are applying for. All positions are for current and former military veterans only.


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