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Senior Vice President of Programs (SVPP)

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The Senior Vice President of Programs (SVPP) consist of overseeing all department programs within the corporate structure that are attributed to the organization. Each department and it's programs will adhere the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) that will govern how they are delivered and their capacity for mission readiness in serving our veteran constituency.

The Senior VP for Programs partners closely with the CEO, peers—the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Development Officer and the board to define the organization's future direction, strategic goals, and policies.

The Senior VP for Programs has primary accountability for implementing these strategies and ensuring that the goals are met both quantitatively and qualitatively; s/he operates with considerable decision-making autonomy, under general direction from the CEO and the board and subject to broad organizational policies. As such, the Senior VP for Programs must:

  • Make creative use of available resources and proactively develop new ones.
  • Effectively delegate responsibility to cluster directors, ensuring that they have the resources and ability to manage their programs and deliver high quality service.
  • Overcome obstacles, create and take advantage of opportunities, and responds quickly and authoritatively to unexpected challenges.
  • Cultivate and maximize the benefits of external relationships, including those with the board, community organizations, donors, and government agencies.
  • Respond to the needs of the organization's clients and staff.
  • Ensure appropriate implementation of the annual budget.
  • Embrace innovation and creativity.


  • Strategic Planning, Implementation and Program Expansion.
  • As a member of the executive team, develops the organization's strategic plan. Provides short and long-range planning to ensure adequate resources (human, physical, systems, financial) to accomplish strategic goals. Leads the implementation of the strategic plan.
  • In partnership with the VP of Operations, forms and leads teams as necessary to devise creative solutions to obstacles and challenges encountered in executing the strategic plan.
  • Analyzes market trends to ensure the competitiveness and viability of programs and services. Deploys resources efficiently to optimize profitability and meet budget goals, Anticipates trends and responds to changes in the environment that are likely to have a significant impact on the organization.
  • Promotes growth by developing new services and resources (including revenue) in pursuit of opportunities to expand and add to existing programs. Creates new programs with thoughtful funding and delivery models.


  • Manages cluster directors to ensure that services and programs are packaged and positioned effectively, and that they are delivered in a manner that meets client and organization needs.
  • Embodies a culture of measurement and accountability, within and across programs.
  • Together with the VP of Operations integrates programs and clusters, promoting collaboration, information sharing, and budget integration to foster creativity, the efficient pooling of resources (financial and human), and flexibility in delivering programs. Breaks down silos and creates interdependencies.
  • Together with the HR director and cluster directors, assesses future HR needs. To meet those needs, creates and implements succession plans, and fosters staff development through forward-thinking training and coaching.
  • Manages the HR director to ensure effective administration of HR programs and compliance with employment laws/regulations.
  • Actively creates and promotes cross-cluster collaboration.
  • Creates genuine interdependence and commitment to a higher common purpose that spans organizational boundaries.
  • Composes and develops a strong leadership team to address organizational demands.
  • Takes overt, deliberate actions to empower team members Quality Improvement.
  • Works collaboratively with the VP of Operations to maintain the quality improvement program seeking to enhance program quality and cost-effectiveness.
  • Values and promotes the culture of measurements and outcomes. Uses outcomes as a backdrop for making decisions.


  • Works with the board and board committees. Manages relationships with board members to optimize their value to the organization and ensure the smooth operation of board committees.
  • Maintains good relationships with varied constituents; and coaches and trains subordinates to work effectively with the community, government agencies, customers' families, and other organizations.
  • Ensures that the agency’s mission and vision are being effectively communicated to the marketplace. Has some familiarity with the latest marketing and branding trends.

The SVPP will ultimately assess, review, and evaluate all programs within the corporate structure to determine operational readiness, structure & quality of information, and presentational ability by providing a written After Action Review (AAR) to the Chairman, CEO, & Founder as well as the President & Chief Operating Officer in its entirety.

In the absence of the Chairman, President, the Executive Vice President, and VP/CFO, the SVP of Programs will assume control of the board on the executive staff side through the Vice Chairman and board President by making decisions based on the guidance and direction as set forth by the Chairman, CEO & Founder.

The SVP of Programs will report directly to the Executive Vice President as his/her immediate supervisor for guidance and informational updates as needed.

The SVP of Programs will maintain clear, concise, written, and oral communication to his/her staff. This position will be fifth in command of the overall organization to comply with the direction set forth by the Chairman/CEO.

He/she will ensure that all departments are assisting clients in every way requested. If any situation arises where the client feels that he/she has not been provided the best service allotted, he/she will have an open door policy that exists to address concerns the individual may have.

He/She will determine the needs of that client, then request the attention of that director to handle the issue immediately.

The SVP of Programs will collaborate with the other VP’s in the organization for ways to determine enhanced client/staff relationship through programmatic alternatives.

He/She will also be a facilitator to all divisional directors under their command. He will give necessary assessments to each director in compliance with doing their job. If it’s determined that a director is not able to meet the requirements set forth in their job description, then a letter will be given after two consecutive negative rating, brought in front of the President to exercise possible terminating action.

The SVP of Programs will be overseeing property management, security, setting up interim fire guards and supervisors, establishing written standards expected for his division, while maintaining standard operating protocols set forth by the Chairman/CEO.

This is a provisional position and will be evaluated based on the experience, training, years of service in a senior level capacity, expertise, and being able to make tough decisions to support the needs of the corporation and its policies.


8-10 years experience in a senior executive position with a for profit or nonprofit organization. Minimum BA requested. MBA desired. Senior executive track work and other valued expertise a plus.


Please e-mail your resume to Dr. Works with the word "Resume" on the subject line and the position you are applying for. All positions are for current and former military veterans only.


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