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Regional Vice President (RVP)

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The (RVP) regional vice president provides strategic leadership for the development of the service line so that a full continuum of services are created and structured in response to customer needs. He/she guides the development of the overall leadership structure and strategic plan and creates goals and plans for quality management and financial management of the service line. The RVP will report directly to the Executive Vice President as his/her immediate supervisor. This position is provisional and will be assessed on clear concise, written, oral, verbal and visual leadership capabilities to subordinates, and seniors alike.

The (RVP) regional vice president will assure that business development plans and procedures are in place to meet the goals of the organization. The regional vice president will control the expenses by managing operations to meet a pre-tax profit budget. The regional vice president will hire, train, and conduct performance reviews on direct reports in accordance with company policy. He/she will provide overall service training guidelines as it pertains to the mission and vision of the VAA’s sought after achievement in nonprofit excellence.


  • He/she will establish working rapports with all local, state, and federal authorities, to include Chambers of Commerce, local unions around the country by infusing veteran concerns with contracted growth through economic parity.
  • The RVP will be charged with assessing operational readiness of each (branch satellite) location by providing in-depth training modules created for the (directors) organization. He/she will provide “progress reports” every month and ensure to visit each site for related updates.
  • Recommends new or amended legislation to further redevelopment programs and projects; analyzes bills and legislative proposals; gives testimony before legislative bodies.
  • The goal of the RVP is to serve as an advocate utilizing the leadership skills acquired as source of information to site locations and the organization as whole.
  • The RVP’s will identify prospective clients and follow up to generate sales, as well as integrate efficient programs into company practice to minimize use of company resources while maximizing business contracts.
  • He/she will contact new customers to demonstrate the value of their company's products and or services and ensure there is an excellent customer experience to increase the possibility of repeat business.
  • He/she will oversee all satellite branch operations within the region they’re assigned. Albeit, nationally or internationally.


He/she will develop and manage marketing programs with corporate marketing and vendors and makes changes as necessary to ensure that business objectives are met. A regional vice president manages the sales force and oversees all broker relationships. He/she will manage the production center processes, workflow, and productivity efficiencies (processing, underwriting, and funding). A detailed plan to establish a positive work environment as well, providing the necessary leadership tools to the site directors collectively.


All RVP’s will be required to meet the IRS annual (990 Form) filing (region of reporting) ensuring its consistency with the World Headquarters filing format. The description is subject to change without notice as per the Chairman, CEO & Founder.The regional vice president position requires a bachelor’s degree in business (8-10 years), sales, marketing, or a related field. The regional vice president should have five years of experience in an equivalent environment.

The RVP should have demonstrated abilities in sales, operations, and/or underwriting management. A regional vice president should have the ability to motivate operations and sales staff to meet and exceed goals. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are likewise required.


Please e-mail your resume to Dr. Works with the word "Resume" on the subject line and the position you are applying for. All positions are for current and former military veterans only.


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