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President & Chief Operating Officer (P/COO)

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The President & COO will consist of overseeing all day-to-day operations of the corporation's finance, compliance, funding, grants, federal mandates, policies, political contacts, quality assurance, EVP and all Vice Presidents within the organization.

The President & COO will report directly to the Chairman & CEO as his/her immediate supervisor for periodic updates on business operations and changes that arise with clients, staff, and volunteer personnel.

Under policy and the direction of the Chairman, CEO & Founder, serves as the Corporation's President and Chief Operating Officer; provides effective leadership and direction in planning, implementing, and administering downtown redevelopment programs and projects; exercises initiative and judgment in carrying out assigned responsibilities; analyzes complex situations accurately and takes effective and appropriate actions; and manages and directs all Corporation activities.


  • Directs the execution of the Agency's downtown redevelopment program, including implementation of focus plans, DDA's, OPA's, rehabilitation projects, provision of community and cultural facilities, the use of low and moderate income housing funds and the provision of a balanced supply of housing.
  • Advises and makes recommendations on matters before the Chairman, CEO & Founder, Board of Directors, informs the Board and the Agency Board regarding situations and developments that affect the redevelopment programs.
  • Prepares and presents an annual budget; controls budget after adoption, and assures judicious management of Agency funds and assets.
  • Recommends new or amended legislation to further redevelopment programs and projects; analyzes bills and legislative proposals; gives testimony before legislative bodies.
  • Recruits, supervises and directs Corporation staff.
  • Conducts public information and education programs to maintain support of agency policies, programs, goals and objectives; makes presentations to legislative bodies, community organizations and interested groups; facilitates community meetings, achieving consensus and working with diverse client groups and community interests.
  • Displays a strong commitment to workplace diversity and participation of women and minority-owned businesses in Corporation activities.
  • Prepares, develops and recommends short-range and long-range plans for physical improvements in redevelopment areas; seeks participation of redevelopment area residents and obtains their input on policies, development strategies, funding plans and implementation schedules.

He/she must have a clear vision and understanding of what the Chairman & CEO’s long term goals, commitments and direction are for the future of the corporation.

In the absence of the Chairman & CEO, the President & COO will be the ranking member of the corporation that communicates concerns to the board's Vice Chairman & President by providing strategic decisions to arduous situations, thus, informing the Chairman/CEO conclusively of the determined results.

The President will follow through on any information handed to him/her by the Chairman & CEO and to provide leadership and guidance to all senior executive staff as needed.

He/she will also be the ranking member in the organization and board of directors instituting policy and procedures sought by the Chairman of the corporation.


Overseeing all financing of the company, control of all inventory and vendors, selecting foundations in which to provide additional funding for expansion of the corporation, determine those that have become liabilities and/or assets to the company, align themselves with political constituents that we can count on for support and other contractual assistance. All other duties will be assigned by the Chairman on a as needed basis.

The President will ensure that all protocols are followed as per the guidance given him/her by the Chairman & CEO. This position is provisional and will be evaluated by the Chairman & CEO on experience, training, expertise, clear, concise, oral and written communication, to include leadership positions and track record held in its entirety.


Must have 10+ years of experience. Minimum BA in Business Management, MBA/MPA desired with senior executive experience and seasoned track record in nonprofit or for-profit organizations. Ability to multi-task on all levels.


Please e-mail your resume to Dr. Works with the word "Resume" on the subject line and the position you are applying for. All positions are for current and former military veterans only.


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