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IT Specialist(s) (ITS)

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Under direction, to perform activities for satisfying the Veterans Development Initiatives Information and Technology Dept needs and objectives; to coordinate activities with other departments and divisions; to support network systems; and to provide overall assistance to the Director of Technical Services.

The IT Specialist(s) will provide their optimum levels of service to the corporate enivronment as requested and ensure that a troubleshooting ticket has been established and submitted through the database of inquiries. All ITS's will acknowledge concerns in a timely manner and follow up with specified entities involved by assessing operational IT readiness.

The ITS's will expedite priority service tickets immediately that may have the most substantial outcomes in the corporate organization's database issues. Must have the ability to work collectively as a team and independent of supervision in completing assisgned tasks.

Overall executive leadership within the division will be provided by the Vice President of Information Systems (VPIS). He/she will assess, evaluate and determine, along with the DTS for accountability, experience, expertise and operational readiness in emergency situations, to include the following:




  • Set-up and install computer hardware and software including disk, tape, printers, modems, and related peripherals.
  • Perform maintenance and repairs on computer hardware, including backup, recovery and equipment cleaning.
  • Respond to and resolve difficult inquiries and complaints.
  • Train users on computer hardware/software and other electronic office equipment.
  • Monitor operational performance and troubleshoot system problems. Isolate the cause of system failures.
  • Attend and participate in professional group meetings; stay abreast of new trends and innovations in the field of information systems; research products and enhancements and their applicability to County needs.
  • Interact with various outside support and sales organizations.
  • Research and purchase computer, network and other electronic office equipment hardware/software.
  • Design, install, support and integrate centralized and distributed network hardware, operating systems and applications.


Perform related duties and responsibilities as assigned.


Knowledge of:

  • Modern and complex principles and practices of computer and network systems management, analysis, design, installation, integration and maintenance.
  • Recent developments, current literature, sources of information, and research techniques related to management information systems.
  • Principles, practices, and languages utilized in programming and computer systems operations.
  • Operating characteristics, capabilities, capacities, and limitations of computer, network and related peripheral equipment.
  • Design, operations, properties, and capabilities of networks and network cabling.
  • Database design, programming, integration, implementation and maintenance.
  • Modern office equipment including facsimile systems, copiers/duplicators, electronic imaging systems, etc.
  • Various software packages including network operating systems (Windows 2000/2003 through 2007, including Windows 7, Linux, AS/400), e-mail, word processing, spreadsheet, data processing, financial, graphics, desktop publishing and management applications/programs.
  • Principles and practices of telecommunications.
  • Modern office practices, methods, and computer equipment.
  • Principles and methods of training and instruction.
  • Occupational hazards and standard safety practices necessary in the area of work.

Skill to:

  • Operate, install, maintain, configure, and troubleshoot a variety of highly technical computer equipment and peripherals.
  • Diagnose power systems and equipment.

Ability to:

  • Analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, and implement recommendations in support of goals.
  • Monitor and support the local area network.
  • Design, analyze and support electronic office systems.
  • Analyze, evaluate, and resolve data processing and system problems.
  • Train or instruct users in the use of computer equipment, electronic office equipment and operating procedures.
  • Locate, read, interpret and apply complex technical publications, manuals, and other documents. Accurately evaluate and prioritize hardware and software requests. Research, develop and recommend cost effective technical system improvements.
  • Exercise good judgment, flexibility, creativity, and sensitivity in response to changing situations and needs.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
  • Establish, maintain and foster positive and harmonious working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.


Any combination equivalent to experience and training would provide the required knowledge, skills, and ability would be qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge, skills, and abilities would be:

Experience: - Three years of increasingly responsible experience in the development and administration of micro-computer and local area networks. Experience related to network operating systems, networking standards, computer/network hardware and system design is desirable.

Training: - Equivalent education to an Associate's degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in computer science, management information systems, or a related field.


Essential duties require the following physical skills and work environment:

Ability to work in a standard office environment; ability to sit, stand, walk, kneel, crouch, stoop, squat, and lift 100 lbs.; exposure to electrical hazards; ability to work flexible and extended hours; ability to travel to different sites and locations.


As per the aforementioned listed above.


Please e-mail your resume to Dr. Works with the word "Resume" on the subject line and the position you are applying for. All positions are for current and former military veterans only.


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