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Intake Specialist(s) (IS)

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Under supervision of the Area Coordinator of Intake and direction of the Program Specialist, coordinates the referral and intake process for the Veteran Development/Employment Programs; performs related duties as assigned.

Establishes protocols, priorities and guidelines set forth by the organization. Develops working relations/rapports with all department and divisions as well as assessing veteran employability collectively with the Coordinator of Intake, Director of Employment Outreach and the Vice President of Human Resources. Partakes in the training, development and enhancement of the organization's mission and vision of long term goals.


Intake Coordinator


(Any one position may not include all of the listed duties, nor do all of the listed examples include all tasks which may be found in positions within this classification.)

  • Program Support Coordinates the referral and intake process for the Veterans Development Initiatives, Inc. (VDI); acts as a resource to veterans, outside agencies and staff; answers telephones; enters and maintains referral/intake information using a database; processes referrals, including preparing intake and initial assessment packets for the IDP team; contacts the various agencies of referred veterans and provides information regarding the veteran development/employment programs and the intake/assessment process.
  • Documents veteran/family’s concerns, priorities and resources available; conducts informational presentations to community based organizations and outside agencies regarding the referral/intake process and the veterans referral program; attends staff meetings; assists in planning support activities; provides program support for team/staff as needed; maintains cooperative working relationships with staff, families of veterans and agency personnel.
  • Documentation/Records Maintenance Sets up and maintains a database system for efficient collection and retrieval of student and program information for staff and outside agencies; assists in tracking enrollment and monitoring timelines to meet federal guidelines; completes various forms and reports; operates office equipment to prepare and mail letters and resource materials to parents; requests information from outside agencies providing services to families.


Education - Sufficient education and experience to provide the ability to perform duties comparable to those listed herein; preference may be provided to those persons with previous experience in an infant development or similar programs.

Training and Experience - Any combination of training and experience working with veterans, old and young; experience in working with veterans and having ability to understand their needs.

Knowledge of - Normal intake procedures; veterans with special needs, i.e., PTSD, TBI, Social, Housing and or Medical issues, etc; standard clerical procedures and filing systems; English, grammar, punctuation and spelling; proper telephone techniques; computer communication systems and database use.

Skill and Ability to - Communicate effectively in oral and/or written form with veterans, staff and outside agencies; maintain cultural awareness and sensitivity to differing attitudes; work cooperatively and effectively with individuals and groups; utilize time management techniques to organize and prioritize work; remain flexible and adapt to changing program needs; operate standard office equipment; utilize a computer at a level which allows for the maintenance of a database system; prepare reports, forms, letters and other related materials; follow instructions; read, interpret and apply rules, laws and procedures.


As per the aforementioned listed above.


Please e-mail your resume to Dr. Works with the word "Resume" on the subject line and the position you are applying for. All positions are for current and former military veterans only.


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