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Executive Vice President (EVP)

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The Executive Vice President will oversee all Regional Vice Presidents and the Executive staff collectively with the President & COO and Chairman, CEO & Founder. He/she will report to the President & COO and as needed to the Chairman, CEO & Founder for periodic updates on all branch locations around the country and internationally.

The EVP is the third ranking position of the corporation and in the absence of the Chairman & President, and will represent the organization in meetings, public venues and panels as per the guidance and protocols of the executive staff in which he/she is a member. This is a provisional position that will be assessed and evaluated by the Chairman, CEO & Founder along with the President & COO.

The EVP will be charged with providing a comprehensive report that's consistent with the mission and vision of the organization as per the guidance provided by the Chairman, CEO & Founder. The EVP will also oversee all branch locations and provide leadership assessment to all regional vice presidents across the country and VP's at the Headquarters location.

He/she will provide the necessary leadership training, guidance, and establish workshops for all RVP's, site directors, and staff by enhancing their professionalism, customs and courtesies, and delivery of services to our coveted heroes around the country.

The EVP must establish a working rapport and relations with government officials, clergy, banking institutions, state representatives, Chambers of Commerce and local unions throughout the country by infusing veteran concerns by strategically enhancing growth through economic parity.

The EVP will be mandated to make several site visits to each regional location and ensure that all RVP's are presence at the time of arrival as to provide you with a detailed synopsis of the sites, directors, staff and other issues that can best enhance the organization into mainstream corporate America.

He/she will provide their extensive expertise and acquaint themselves with each staff and its leadership. He/she will assess the working rapport amongst site employees, case managers, supervisors and directors.

It's incumbent of the of the EVP to ensure that all RVP's are in step with protocols, training of directors, and measuring the level of PSA's (Public Service Announcements), strategies, advertisements, marketing, direct mailing to constituents, job opportunities provided and to review all financial reports, ledgers, P&L (Profits & Losses), awards to staff and veterans, vendors, sponsors, contributors, volunteers, canvassers, grant proposals applied for, etc.

The EVP will be mandated and charged with copiously assessing the RVP's leadership, hands-on activity, and his/her ability to re-enforce a positive working environment through their site directors, to include all other duties requested.

The EVP must require that all RVP's & site directors to provide a statistical breakdown of each veteran demographically by age, race, sex, national origin, location (region of reporting), education, marital status, and family composition, this report will be merged with the macro-economic statistics of the World Headquarters as a whole.

The EVP must ensure that each RVP meets the required IRS filings on a annual basis and is consistent with the world headquarters by using form 990. This reporting process is critical to the existence of the corporation and the federal regulatory guidelines.

The EVP will be directed to report to the Chairman, CEO & Founder once a month until notified of the change by the aforementioned. The EVP will offer his/her findings to the board of directors for comprehensive analysis and review.

The EVP will be evaluated on clear, concise, written, and verbal communication to senior, executive, and regional vice presidents within the corporation. He/she will ensure their professionalism at all times as per the guidance provided by the Chairman, CEO & Founder.

The EVP must have 8-10 years experience in a senior executive position with a nonprofit or for-profit organization. A minimum of a BA/BS is required, Masters desired. A keen ability to multi-task a must.


Please e-mail your resume to Dr. Works with the word "Resume" on the subject line and the position you are applying for. All positions are for current and former military veterans only.


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