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Director of Technical Services (DTS)

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The Director of Technical Services will directly report to the VPIS (Vice President of Information Systems) as his/her divisional supervisor. He/she will responsible for all computerized technical services and establishing a database that will effectively service all case management files of every service member assisted.

He/She shall determine the capacity of servers, coaxial cabling, routers, and provide clear, concise and written reports outlining the envisioned set up. He/she shall evaluate, assess, and determine outcomes of computer capacities, speed of servers, phone line systems, and detailing his/her findings in a documented report to the VPIS.

He/She will be assessed and evaluated on the basis of experience, work ethic, general and technical knowledge, area of expertise, concentration of in-depth training, understanding of various systems e.g., Symantec, MCSE certified, LAN & WAN networking, Unix systems, Sybase, etc. He/She must be able to troubleshoot current or existing problems that routinely come up.

He/She and their staff must comply with the needs of the organization to make technical communication far exceeding that of other organizations. Provide leadership, training, guidance, and exceptional performance to ensure all staff level personnel are able to conduct their jobs expeditiously and efficiently. He/She will be expected to set up a technically advanced level of systems to process volumes of case files.

This individual must have 8-10 years of experience troubleshooting various systems, managing a staff, and developing pivotal networks that establish corporate goals and direction. He/She will provide written analysis of service rendered and give copies to all divisional heads, President, and Chairman/CEO to ultimately determine the capacity of operating power designed.


8-10 years experience with a minimum BS or MS in computer science. Help desk and troubleshooting experience with various systems. Knowledge and technical ability to handle staff with multiple tasks in a corporate environment a plus.


Please e-mail your resume to Dr. Works with the word "Resume" on the subject line and the position you are applying for. All positions are for current and former military veterans only.


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