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Director of Medical Services (DMS)

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The Director of Medical Services will have the overall responsibility to engage all veterans of various branches of services and provide quality patient care by maximizing the capabilities of emergency medical personnel and to promote public education on injury prevention. The DMS will be responsible for planning, and administering the facilities health services to all veterans.

He/She will adhere to public regulatory procedures and mandates through the state and federal government. The DMS will report directly to the Vice President of Medical Services (VPMS) as his/her immediate divisional supervisor.

He/She will be assessed and evaluated on their ability to service the veteran populations current and past. The medical service department is responsible for the clinical diagnosis and treatment of all. The medical services department assures the standard delivery of medical care is followed in maintaining the overall quality of care at the optimum level for vets.

He/She will NOT administer medications of any kind, only if the individual has acquired their Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) certification/license, will he/she be able to prescribe medications, assessment and evaluative services by providing an overview of the veteran's medical history. This will be done to determine what areas of concern the individual has, forcing him or her to be ineffective at finding or refused employment due to his/her functionality and/or psychological condition.

The DMS shall have clear, concise, oral, and written communication. He/she should be able to work as a team player and delegate authority of staff as needed. The individual shall possess a minimum of a MS/MBA or MPH in Public Health with 8- 10 years of continuous experience. He/She will operate under the statue of the corporate structure and guidelines set forth by the Chairman & CEO.

He/She will evaluate all veterans seeking medical assistance and coverage above and beyond the normal coverage received to date. The position shall assess the truthfulness of those coming in for the services being provided. Under the nonprofit statute, the DMS will follow the policies and bylaws mandated within the organization.


Minimum 8-10 years with MBA/MS/MPH in healthcare administration, health services or public health. A PhD is desired in the applicable fields. Knowledge of medical assessments and military records a plus. Previous work in a hospital or triage desired.


Please e-mail your resume to Dr. Works with the word "Resume" on the subject line and the position you are applying for. All positions are for current and former military veterans only.


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