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Director of Employment Outreach (DEO)

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The Director of Employment Outreach will report directly to the VPHR for assessment and evaluation of work ethic, recruitment, staff leadership, training volunteers and canvassers, and providing employment outreach services to all clients of the armed forces, past and current.

He/She will establish a databank of all employment positions available by contacting several organizations, setting up rapports, and linking oneself to gainfully assist veterans in their quest for employment under specified training received. He/She will draft and propose grants through the Director of Development to initiate a training program that will stimulate a progressive outcome to statistically employ the vast amount of unemployed servicemen and women.

The DEO shall provide training, development of staff, updates on various employment issues and changes, to include provide a written monthly, quarterly, and annual report that shows the level of progress made assisting veterans. The DEO will establish several contact lists to indicate the open vacancies available for those service-connected personnel to obtain.

The DEO will organize staff and volunteers of his/her department to ensure every effective measure is being undertaken to gainfully provide employment to veteran personnel that have gone unemployed for insurmountable periods of time. He/She is the direct link in providing a mainstream job search for all seeking employment consideration.

Technical skills, education, training, certifications, and experience will all be determined by the DEO to establish the right position with their qualifications. This position will impact all veterans on how the director provides leadership, guidance, task orientation and completion, helping to reduce the statistics by reaching out to communities with the highest numbers of unemployed service-connected personnel. The DEO will oversee all volunteers and canvassers.


8-10 years experience with previous background knowledge of employment and outreach venues. The ability to match talent, skill set and education with the appropriate job for veterans. A minimum of a BA with contacts in various employment industries a plus.


Please e-mail your resume to Dr. Works with the word "Resume" on the subject line and the position you are applying for. All positions are for current and former military veterans only.


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