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Director of Development (DD)

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The Director of Development will report directly to the Chief Development Officer (CDO) as his/her divisional supervisor. The DD will work to develop all grants, funding, donations, and fundraising available. He/She will hone the skills necessary to acquire monies for the organization. He/She should be highly driven and a veteran of the armed services. The DD will directly be responsible for all fundraising in the organization.

The job entails grants writing, special events planning, and direct mail. Requires strong writing skills, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, initiative and the ability to work with a medium size staff, which he/she will oversee all training, distribute staff memorandums to update any new changes that have taken place.

The selected candidate MUST be a veteran of the armed services with experience in leadership capacities. Prior experience developing a staff and provide them the guidance set forth in the corporate structure of the organization.

He/She will be assessed and evaluated by the CDO and able to accept constructive criticism and move forward to develop the necessary contacts, e.g., political, private, federal, and local. Seek to mobilize funding that raises our organization to support all level of service-connected veterans requesting our assistance.

Portions of funding will be prioritized to enhance changes for veterans who've attained blemishes on their military records and forced to accept decisions that have prevented them from receiving federal, state, and local employment in a civilian capacity.

The DD should have a strong background that provided prospective donations from various sources within the continental United States and abroad. He/She must strategize to carefully to acquire several foundations, gift givers, funding sources, and maintain a databank of potential new comers as seen fit. He/She should exercise his or her own judgment, as well as touch base with immediate supervisor for assistance as needed.

The DD should be able to multitask staff, provide quality research & evaluations, select criteria of funding that meet the goals of the grants, funders, contributors, and philanthropists collectively. Assess opportunities for various fundraising and venues.


Minimum BA and 8-10 years experience in grant writing, fundraising, direct mailing, current lisiting of grantors desired. Previous management experience overseeing a staff a plus.


Please e-mail your resume to Dr. Works with the word "Resume" on the subject line and the position you are applying for. All positions are for current and former military veterans only.


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