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Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

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The Chief Marketing Officer/CMO will oversee all marketing, advertisement, empirical research, collection of data, collaborate with all agencies throughout the city, state, local and federal entities. He/She will report directly to the Chairman & CEO for guidance, organizational protocol, to include goals and direction of the corporation.

In the absence of the Chairman & CEO, the President will become the ranking member to provide the insight and direction as per the guidance of the Chairman.

It is also incumbent of the CMO to report on a collaborative effort to the Executive Vice President of the organization for insight, strategy, guidance and evaluative assessment of their position as part of the executive staff. The CMO must guide the branding of our logo and provide a conceptualized marketing vision for our signature products.

The CMO will also work collectively with the (DPMR) Director of Public/Media Relations to coordinate and enhance the organization's position with various public and media sources.

This is a provisional position and will be evaluated as per the Chairman, CEO & Founder, President, and Executive Vice President for accuracy, experience and completeness of tasks given.


  • He/She must have clear, concise, oral and written communication, presentation skills, hands-on computer experience with PowerPoint, Excel, MS Access, etc.
  • He/She must be able to statistically design a strategic initiative that will create new business development through own prospecting as well as through extensive leads provided via the marketing department & grow business with existing customers.
  • Significant amount of time will be spent talking with customers and prospective clients by phone, will also travel throughout assigned territory to call on regular and new prospective customers.
  • Develops and implements channel marketing strategic plans and goals to meet corporate objectives and increase market share and profitability of services.
  • Develops and executes online marketing plans and programs, including Web site development and utilization, establishes and maintains the company’s presence in mailing lists and newsgroups.
  • Researches, analyzes, and monitors financial, technological, and demographic factors in order to capitalize on market opportunities and minimize the effects of competitive activity.
  • Helps manage marketing budget. Manages development, production, and distribution of promotional and collateral materials to support marketing programs, including but not limited to print, electronic media, trade show, direct mail, displays, and signage.
  • Works closely with graphic artists, Director of Public/Media Relations, writers, and Web developers in the design and usability of the Web site. Negotiates contract terms with outside agencies and suppliers.
  • Communicates with outside advertising agencies on ongoing campaigns. Analyzes marketing programs and adjusts strategy and tactics to increase effectiveness.
  • Plans and conducts market research to identify opportunities for increased visibility.
  • Maintains customer database and approves the use of internal and external mailing lists, to include public service announcements as strong leverage.
  • Helps establish and maintain consistent corporate image throughout product lines, programs, promotional materials, and events.


7-10 years working experience and knowledge of corporate database systems supporting marketing and advertising materials. Must be willing to think-out-of-the-box and use conceptualized research for information and leverage. BA/BS required. Advanced degree desired. Should have corporate experience in for-profit and/or nonprofit entities from medium to large corporate structures in a senior management capacity.


Please e-mail your resume to Dr. Works with the word "Resume" on the subject line and the position you are applying for. All positions are for current and former military veterans only.


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